Serviced Office Norwich

Serviced Offices

Are you considering moving into serviced offices? We look at the positives of working in a space that offers a convenient and stress-free environment. There is a huge increase in start-ups, and small to medium businesses choosing this option, and here we look at the top reasons why.

Flexible stress-free Contracts

Serviced offices generally have flexible licences as opposed to full leases, offering flexibility of short term lets for smaller to medium business that don’t want to be tied in.

Away from home space

Many smaller businesses find that having a clear separation from home improves their work/life balance. It also provides a professional environment in which to establish a set routine.

Part or fully furnished

Generally, serviced offices come fully furnished so your workstation is already provided for you. This can save valuable time and money, leaving you more time to establish or expand your business.

Professional working environment

Some serviced offices come with a manned reception, this can be beneficial if you’re client facing and looking to create a professional and polished business appearance.

Bounce ideas with new people

If your business can be solitary, and you’re working from home or a space without other human interaction then serviced offices can help. Being in a space surrounded by likeminded businesses can encourage and motivate you. Sometimes you just need someone to bounce ideas off!

Hassle free

If you’re setting up a business or growing a smaller one, your time is valuable and best spent progressing and developing your business. Serviced offices have done all the hard work setting everything up, so you don’t have to.

Value for money

Serviced offices can provide good value for money helping smaller businesses develop and grow. Only pay for what you need, and if you expand serviced offices can evolve alongside your business. Setting up or expanding a business can require long working hours and be financially stressful. Serviced offices are a great way to gain a professional appearance, establish a reputable work address and generally reduce stress. Looking for a serviced office in NorwichContact us for more information.