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Open plan office etiquette 

Working in an open plan office is becoming increasingly popular with small or start-up businesses. Here, we look at simple rules that will help to create a harmonious working environment that everyone can enjoy.

Respect others need for space

Working in the space of others can be great for communication, bouncing ideas and can give a much-needed boost to you day. But knowing when to step back is important, you can’t be sure of deadlines, and just because they’re nearby doesn’t mean they want to engage in conversation.

Keep sickness at home

In previous jobs, there may have been an expectation that you turn up to work even if your leg was hanging off. Working in an open plan office with multiple businesses has different rules. Infecting your co workers in a bid to keep working can spread sickness like wildfire and make you unpopular. If in doubt, stay home and keep your co workers happy and healthy.

Be aware of your noise levels

It might be an obvious one but keeping your personal phone low or on silent is considerate to those around you. As much as it’s your office space, it’s also your co-workers. Also, if your job entails a lot of phone work, it might be beneficial to book a meeting room. This way you can carry out any long in depth calls away from the open plan office, and your co-workers will appreciate the thought. If you like to listen to music, then invest in some headphones. You might like a bit of Rod Stewart on a Friday morning, but others might not share in your enthusiasm.

Keep tidy

It might not be top of your important list but keeping a tidy workspace in an open plan office is important. If everyone in the office left paperwork lying around it would be chaos in no time, and a tidy space creates a feeling of calm and organisation. It can also be a sign of professionalism, if your work space is chaotic, what signs does this send out about your business to visitors? Respect is key when working in an open place office, think of others and try to be as considerate as possible. A happy office is a productive one! Looking for office space in NorwichContact us for more information.