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Happiness at work

Finding happiness at work can lead to better working relationships, improved productivity and in some cases even better health. But are we achieving a balanced and happy workplace? Sadly, studies show as a nation the UK really struggles to find happiness at work. All too often we take our working environment for granted and don’t place enough importance on creating a positive atmosphere.

How can we improve our happiness at work?

Incorporating happiness into a workplace can help to boost positivity. From lighting to break out space and even toilets all have a profound effect on a normal working day. Design and layout also effect productivity and mood, so by creating a tranquil and positive space you can improve happiness. Think about the layout of your space, and see if there are any improvements that can be made. Keeping your desk tidy and clutter free is an obvious one, but perhaps artwork with positive quotes or brighter colours can instantly change a mood for the better.

Monitoring happiness

Few people know the idea of happiness has become a ‘thing’, so much so even the Prime Minister got on the bandwagon a few years ago when he pledged to monitor happiness. The notion of happiness can be clearly linked to productivity, so measuring its success is important and fruitful. The Confederation of British Industry estimates £17bn lost every year through being absent. But happy people come to work motivated. Google and other organisations like them have invested heavily in employee relationships and strategic workplace design seeing happiness and satisfaction rise by 37%.

Put a smile on your face

Smiling releases endorphins and encourages others to smile, its catching, much like a yawn. So if you’re having a bad day, try to remain as positive as possible around colleagues. Creating a positive work space might take time, but even the smallest change can help improve the atmosphere.  Managers do of course have a huge impact on the overall culture of an organisation, but it’s not just down to them to increase happiness levels. Influencing the levels of happiness in your workplace can be achieved through staff behaviour and attitude. Start today and see how you can help improve your office environment for the better. Looking for office space in NorwichContact us for more information.