How to reduce stress at work

work related stress

Work related stress

UK workers suffering from work related stress, depression or anxiety is on the rise. Here we look at how to improve your working day, and your mindset.

Take regular breaks

Most of us spend hours staring at a computer screen with little movement aside toilet breaks and coffee making. But, studies show that taking screen breaks can boost productivity, refresh your attention span and sustain concentration. Therefore, taking a pause in your day to take some time out can really help with work related stress.

Listen to music

If your job and office environment allow, listening to music can have a positive effect on your working day. Scientific show that listening to music can be beneficial while you work, but it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. The study found that happy music enhanced participants creative ‘divergent thinking’, resulting in original ideas. This is great news for the creatives out there, but Sadly the study didn’t improve problem solving skills. Consequently, if you’re trying to solve a problem, you’re better off opting for quiet solitude.

Work snacks

It’s well known eating a balanced breakfast and healthy lunch helps to fuel the body and mind. But pressure from deadlines, last-minute curveballs, and travelling means many of your best-laid plans out the window when hunger kicks in. There is proof that the food you eat has a direct correlation with cognitive performance and has a direct impact on productivity. Improve your health and well being with some super food snacks. Nuts and dried fruit are high in protein, helping to fuel the body with dopamine. As a result, this helps with alertness, creativity, learning and concentration, helping with work related stress.

Work smart

Working hard is a given for most, but can you improve your day by working smarter? Try to improve your time management skills by using systems such as MACROS. It’s worth it if you have a long series of boring repetitive tasks in Excel, and a MACRO can do it with one click. Another great way of working smarter is by picking up the phone. This might sound like an obvious choice, but Instead of writing emails, it is often much better to pick up the phone and talk to the person. This can save valuable time and, in some cases, miss-communication.

Don’t fall into the trap of working smarter AND harder. Revisit your working day and see if you can reduce work related stress and  add some positivity and productivity.

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