Virtual office or traditional?

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Virtual office or traditional?

Virtual office or traditional has been an ongoing debate, here we look at the pros and cons of both.

There has been a rise in popularity in Virtual office space due to its low cost and convenience. If finance plays a large part in the set up of your business, then physical work space can be costly. Virtual offices can provide the business with a trusted and reputable appearance without the price tag.

Another benefit to consider when deciding on virtual office or traditional, is the commute to work. Removing your commute to work not only saves you time but can help to reduced stress. If you’re a worker with a family, this can be a great solution. Virtual office space does come with some drawbacks, such as the lack of integration with others. We often speak with co-workers outside of our business to bounce ideas off. Working alone can be quite isolated and can make it hard to stay motivated.

Traditional office space, whilst costlier, can create customer trust when seeing a location on your website. Technology is generally more efficient within an office environment and should any issues arrive there’s usually in house support. Traditional offices also enable you to receive visitors in a meeting room, helping to set a professional image.

Considering both options it really does depend on your business and the cost involved. If you’re a start up looking to keep costs to a minimum, then virtual office space is a good option. But, if your budget can stretch to a traditional office then you benefit from a trusted, physical space to welcome visitors to.

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