Tips on office space for a growing team

office space

Tips on developing your business for a growing team

Growing your business, expanding your team and changing office space can be an exciting prospect. Here we look at the most common things to consider when it comes to choosing new office space.

Office Space, one size fits all?

Is your current office space able to expand? With the new demands of your business, can you comfortably recruit new people without it being a huge squeeze?

Find out from your current landlord if there are any spaces within your building that could fit a larger team. This option means you can keep the same address details and current staff do not need to relocate.

If this isn’t an option, it’s worth speaking with your landlord to find out if they manage any other offices within your area. You already have the relationship, therefore moving into another building with the same landlord could be a quick process.

Working from home

Are there any job roles that could work from home on certain days, freeing up space within the office? This is often an easy solution to keep more people working within your business. Remote working can be a cost-effective option, enabling your business to make the transition without the overheads of a larger office.

Keep staff in the loop

Expansion is exciting, but it can be daunting for employees who could be concerned about a change in location. Keep your team updated and involve them where possible in location discussions to find out the impact this could have on them.

Location, Location, Location

If you’re looking to stay within the area, it could help to keep in regular contact with landlords and letting agents. Desirable city locations usually have waiting lists and get snapped up quickly.

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