The truth about Serviced Offices

serviced offices

There appears to be a myth surround Serviced Offices, that they are more expensive than traditional offices. Due to this thought process, many start ups and smaller business find themselves put off with the thought of expensive fees.

So, is a serviced office space more expensive?

There is always the potential to think that in serviced offices you might be paying for services that you might not need. Additionally, there might be some services you need that could be costly to organise separately but included in your fee. What are the most important services you need to benefit your business? This could be super-fast broadband, postal service, a registered address or a reception to greet visors. Most serviced offices incorporate these fees, so generally speaking there are no nasty surprises when the rent is due.

Although rental fees will be higher than a traditional office, you’ll not need to commit to a long-term lease agreement or commit to a large deposit. As a result, a rented office can be a fast and efficient way to place your business in a professional environment. Above all, you can achieve this quickly and without hassle, something that is an attractive quality for smaller businesses.

Serviced offices, are they for short term let only?

The main benefit of having a serviced office is to have more flexibility than a longer-term lease. Many flexible contracts start form a little as 3 months but extend to 12 months and beyond. Therefore, this option can provide stability for short and longer term.

Will there be a business community?

The main benefit of serviced offices is the wide range of business you’ll mix with, so bouncing around ideas and finding an all-important sounding board can be a huge benefit. Although, should you want your own space this is easily achievable, so you could have the best of both worlds.

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