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Recent studies show that workplace performance is directly linked to your working environment, and more specifically the office design and layout. We’re familiar with the Feng-shui effect of harmonising the environment around you, but can office design really affect productivity and success?


A Basex study from 2009 shows that the average employee spends 28% of their time dealing with unnecessary interruptions followed by recovery time to get back on track.

If your work demands a lot of focus and quiet, then creating a peaceful office design with plants, light walls and natural light are a must. If you’re in an open plan office, then looking at sound proof dividers can help to reduce noise levels and increase privacy. There are things such an acoustic ‘pods and booths’ that create a private room within a room great for private meetings and ‘alone’ work time.


It’s proven that collaborating with other workers helps with motivation and inspires innovation. If you’re a start-up business and looking for open plan work space, being around others can help you to succeed. But how can you make this work for you? Even if your office is open plan, you can make use of the facilities you have to hand. Create your own individual space with stationary, pictures on boards or walls and plants. If you have use of a meeting room, ensure you continue your brand appeal with matching stationary and pictures.


Often the reception area of a building is the hub of a workplace. Make sure you utilise this space, even leave out business cards if possible. Get to know the receptionist and build a rapport, this will introduce a welcoming and professional environment for your visitors.

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