Freelancing from home or rented office?


Freelancing, should you work at home or rent office space?

If you’re freelancing then you’ll be used to quite a bit of flexibility in your everyday work. But, is working from home or searching for local coffee shops with free Wi-Fi becoming a struggle? Could you be getting more from your working day by renting office space? As a freelancer, keeping costs low is a key factor to consider, alongside having the flexibility of working wherever suits. All you need is your laptop, coffee and a bit of organisation.

But, plans can often change, and working from a coffee shop or at home can be interrupted by the smallest of things. Once you’re distracted, it can be hard to keep the work momentum up and you can loose concentration.

So, what other options are there?

Flexible working within an office

Office space and working environments have evolved, and most spaces now have options to suit businesses of all sizes. Open plan, hot desking or one-person lockable offices offer a professional work space without the huge overheads. Often meeting and media rooms are included, offering a great space to welcome your clients into.

Creative thinking

Working alone has big benefits but it can also be hard to stay motivated. Sometimes, you just need to bounce ideas of others. Shared office space can encourage creativity and speaking to other people can offer different view points and perspectives.

Considering all the factors ultimate it depends on how you work, and your productivity levels. If you believe you work better alone, and enjoy the flexibility and search out more free wi fi areas locally.

But, if you feel you could maximise your day better, then working alongside freelancers and small businesses might be the best next step for you.

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